Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming, also called V Steam or Yoni Steam, is a traditional and a regular exercise to this date, for women in Africa, Asia, Central America and Pacific.

This practice is able to ease different ailments and bring more harmony and connection to the reproductive system and pelvic floor.

More often than not, a woman’s reproductive system (vagina, cervix, uterus etc.) can be affected by an unpleasant or traumatic experience. From childbirth, to painful periods, sexual abuse, medical examinations or intercourse, we were never taught on how to completely allow this area to trust and relax.

Yoni steam is an opportunity for you to walk one step closer towards yourself, in an intimate and safe environment. For most women, this may be the very first time they experience ultimate relaxation to their entire girdle area.

How Does It work?
In our first meeting I will hear your story. This may include your medical history or anything else that you find right to share. I use traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis tools such as feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue, so I may use these before you start the steam. The steam itself is 25-30 minutes. We allow our first meeting 45 minutes.

The Steam
This is a special untreated wooden box with a proper seat. Inside the box I place a pot with different herbs: Mugwort, Lavender, Rose petals and Lemon peel to name a few. Cover it with boiling water, allowing it to cool down before starting.
After discussing with you what will happen next and sharing an overview of this practice, I will leave you alone in the room. You can cover your lower body with a towel, a dressing gown or use your own loose and long dress or skirt. You remove the lid, sit on the seat, cover yourself with another towel (provided) and allow the steam to do the rest.
Seat back. Relax. Let go. And heal.

What can I benefit from Yoni Steam?

  • Painful cycles: endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, heavy and painful bleed, irregular period
  • Fertility problems: infertility, post miscarriage, at specific times during IVF treatment.
  • Repeating urinary tract infection, irregular bowel movement and bloating, digestive issues.
  • Cancer of the cervix and/ or associated organs, HPV, VIN2/3.
  • Sexual or emotional abuse.

For many of us, so much pain and hurt are associated with “down there”. Often feelings of shame, blame, self esteem and trauma are locked within the reproductive organs, preventing us from accessing another, a deeper dimension of ourselves.
We are using the wisdom of plant medicine and the power of steams. A lot has been said and known for the medicine that is embedded in plants. Let us combine it with the immense force of steam. We know of the ability of steam to move trains and boats, and to be a force associated with bringing the rain. We can use this beautiful and powerful energy to help you heal.

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