Zohar Centre Of Wellbeing takes pride in being an integral part of the wider community.

Mentoring Program.

We strive to also become an educational centre, where new practitioners can make use of our mentoring program.
If you are passionate about being of service to others, wishing to build your practice with other likeminded colleagues, Zohar would like to personally offer her support to you. Let’s plant the seed of success together!

There is a great need in our community for emotional wellbeing support. If you believe you have the right talent and a desirable skill, please get in touch.

Projects in our community and beyond

As a visionary woman and entrepreneur, one of Zohar’s dream was to create a community clinic in the rice fields of rural Nepal. This saw light and took place in June 2019. After a physical long journey and a lot of (mis)communication Zohar arrived to Benighat region.
The news of a doctor from NZ traveled far and fast. The next day after arriving to the village, tens of people were waiting to be seen and treated with acupuncture for their ailment, predominantly knee pain and digestion issues. Zohar treated approximately 50-60 people a day in a community clinic setting, which was offered from the waiting area of the delivery unit. There were 8 people treated simultaneously at a time, with the help of a wonderful translator, we made this work!
During the stay in Nepal, Zohar treated over 500 people. 

Mental health awareness week

Mental health awareness week is usually held in NZ during the month of September. 
Zohar specializes treating mental health with traditional Chinese medicine in her clinic. As an advocate of emotional wellbeing and the immense need of raising such awareness and public discussions, Zohar used to offer a Koha (donation) community clinic.

The community clinic serves the need of the individual to feel and be a part of a community. It allows connection with other participants and the opportunity to support each other from pain and trauma, to health and healing. Most people in their core nature are wanting to help others, even if they are a stranger. Community clinics enable such bonding to take place.

The community clinic set up is different. It is not as private as your one-on-one treatment. There are 5-10 reclining chairs in a circle and the practitioner will go one by one for a brief consultation, as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis. Following this, the acupuncture needles are inserted, and the person is left to relax and enjoy the treatment for 25-40 minutes. It is up to the person if and how much they would like to interact with the other participants in the circle.

Reach out and ask us when is the next community clinic is scheduled for.

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