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We believe that you should Not be alone in your journey

The Zohar Centre Of Wellbeing offers a range of modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapeutic massage, micro ear suction, counselling and Reiki. The majority of our services will incorporate a diet and lifestyle component to enhance your treatment’s benefit. A thorough diagnosis enables us to provide the best accurate treatment for where you are right now.
Our holistic therapy approach means that we aim to bring not just your physical body into a better health, but also incorporate the facets of your spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing into complete harmony. 

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How Can we work together?

We offer therapeutic solutions for your chronic and acute pain.
The centre provides a range of practices into a unified application of care. Our practitioners provide: Traditional Chinese Medicine, ear health and micro suction, psyche medium readings, massage therapy and more.

The Team

Zohar Shtepel
BHSC (Acupuncture), Dip Tuina, Cert Hakomi, Member of Acupuncture Fertility, Acupuncture NZ, ACC Treatment Provider

Zohar empowers people through the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine interwoven with ancient wisdom from the sacred Jewish text the Zohar.

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Angela Rinaldi

Angela is inspired about peoples' healing and wellbeing through Reiki, coaching and medium readings.
With over 30 years experience she brings different insightful techniques to help you create the life you desire.

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Adele Macklin

Registered Nurse. 

Adele offers ear health for all ages. Her services include: ear examination, micro suction, clearing one or both ears, advice on managing wax and active ear care and health.

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Our story starts with A vision

Ever since I was a young child I wanted to have a positive impact on others.
I have always wanted to help people discover what is really important for them in their lives.

The vision of creating the centre was originally to fulfil the need of others to feel safe. A person who is safe in their inner world, is the one who has a greater stability, and by that reduces the chance for physical pain, and increases the ability to overcome emotional turmoil. 

Feeling safe “inside” is the first step towards harmony. 

Zohar Centre Of Wellbeing is designed for you to feel safe, calm and welcomed at all times. 

The atmosphere of the centre, along with our unique group of talented, experienced and professional practitioners, allows you to be you, fully accepted and seen for who you are.
To me, these are the basic foundations to build rapport and reach your therapeutic goals.

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I can't imagine a better choice anyone could make for themselves than to visit the Zohar Centre whenever they want to reconnect with their body and mind, and whenever they need to be rescued.

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