Adele Macklin

I am a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience specialising initially in Midwifery and then in Primary Health. I became more aware of the importance of good ear health after becoming friends with an ear nose and throat specialist.

People of all ages from young children to adults can experience ear issues, which can impact on their day to day activities. I believe that people with ear conditions should be able to easily access and receive best practice, safe and effective ear care. I am able to perform ear examinations, identify abnormalities, give ear health advice, remove wax, debris and foreign bodies .

Hearing well is important for our health and wellbeing, it enables us to socialise and stay connected with friends, family and colleagues .

I moved to the Kapiti Coast from the UK in 2006, which is where I now call home. When I am not working I enjoy pottering in my garden, crocheting (a self taught ‘Lockdown’ bonus!) or exploring beautiful New Zealand.

Contact me directly on 027 233 5300 or Email

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