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Zohar Centre Of Wellbeing Massage

Massage therapy is essentially facilitating pain relief and improving health, through the application of touch.

“Where there is pain there is no (internal) movement. Where there is no pain the movement is good” (Lao Tzu).
Massage facilitates manual movement at different depths. These vary from the most superficial level, your skin, through connective tissues, muscles and ligaments, to the deepest layer, your bones.
We treat at the level of the illness or disharmony.
The professional touch can be of high and deep pressure, soft and soothing touch and everything in between. It may or may not include oil, and in certain occasions will be done over your clothes, for example when gentle therapeutic manipulation is exercised.

Our experienced practitioner will have a consultation with you first, so they can establish your medical health, areas you want to focus on and your expectations of the treatment.

The room is comfortably heated, only exposing the body areas that are being worked on, so your privacy and safety is protected at all times.

During the treatment different essential oils will be used according to your condition.
Essential oils are gentle on your body and immune system, but have profound therapeutic effects.

Massage therapy can be used as its own modality, or combine with other therapies to elevate your desired health results.

Speak to your practitioner about your goals, and together, create a future treatment plan that will help you be accountable for your own healing journey.

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