Cupping And Gua Sha

What Is Cupping Good For?

  • Alleviate muscle pain and tension by releasing the fascia (connective tissue).
  • Releases toxins and pathogens from the body. Covid 19, common flu, shingles etc.
  • Profound relaxation for stressed, anxious and high strung people.
  • Increases blood circulation. Cups are used to bring more red blood cells to the surface and speed the healing process.
  • Combined with other methods, cupping can bring hidden disharmony from the depth of an organ to the surface of the body. This presents as marks that stay 3-5 days on the body. The marks are not painful, and are a useful diagnostic tool for the practitioner, to ascertain the type of disharmony (heat, cold, stagnation, deficiency or excess).

Cupping has been used for generations to expel and release pathogens. Common in Europe and Pacifica traditions, mothers used to cup their children to alleviate flu and body aches.

Using a flamed cotton bud, which is quickly inserted into a glass cup then removed, it creates a vacuum within the cup. The cup is then immediately placed on your body. This mostly feels tight and relaxing at the same time. “Pleasurable pain” is what most people call it. Common sites for cupping are the neck and shoulders, back, buttocks, hamstring and calves. The cups can be stationary or gently slide, with prior application of oil.
Cupping can be used solely or in conjunction with acupuncture and massage.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient scraping technique. At first a balm or oil is applied on the skin. Then with a specific smooth edges tool a light pressure in a scrapping fashion is applied on the skin. The practitioner increase the pressure as necessary within the patients’ parameter of comfort.

Many are familiar with gua sha from a cosmetic view. Using gua sha on the face will increase circulation and reduce pigmentation and wrinkles.
Zohar facilitate gua sha for its original usage: cool the blood, improve circulation, reduce muscles pain and resolve phlegm and flus.
Traditionally this is used on the back, mainly upper and middle back. This application clears the blockages, and as a result a red mark appears on the skin. The colour of the marks can vary from light pink, red, purple or blue. This is normal and will subside with no pain or discomfort in the few days following the application.

What is Gua Sha used for?
Some of its applications include:

  • Chronic and acute headaches and migraines.
  • Ear problems: tinnitus, blocked ears, painful ears and jaw.
  • Zohars’ clinical experience show that this is particularly effective for new mothers who are carrying baby, and as a result suffer from pain between their shoulder blades.
  • Reduce high blood pressure, improve sleep and relief stress.
  • Promote better circulation to increase organs harmony.

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